Alex Golf

P3 Mortgage Group are pleased to announce our sponsor partnership with Lee on Solent Golf Course.

Having wanting to get involved in local sports activity, P3 decided to sponsor Lee Golf Club with the emphasis on the junior player section.

Alex Rowe (mortgage advisor – pictured left) commented ‘Sponsoring our local golf club made sense. Lee on Solent has a growing junior section with up and coming talent. P3 wanted to get involved in junior sports as they are the future and lifeblood of any club’

P3 will also be sponsoring the junior championships being held at Lee Golf Club this coming October. The competition will see many ‘under 18’s’ from different clubs taking part, including members of the Hampshire Junior team in a one day event.


Local Coffee Company

P3 use a local company Explorer Coffees of Gosport to supply branded coffee bags for all our new buyer/purchase boxes. A local business that provides excellent service and fantastic ground coffee and tea products.

Candles and Waxmount's

We love a new buyers home pack! That's why we use Southampton company XOXO Aroma for all P3 candles and waxmount's that we put in our home buyer/new purchase packs. Another great local company and fabulous products and service.

Keeping It Local!

P3 use companies within our centre for such things as IT, website construction and printing merchandise. Keeping things 'local' helps gain excellent service and on-site support.

bcb media Mike BCB  IMG 9465 P3 Team 1

BCB Media from Southampton came in and spent the day updating P3 Mortgage Groups website pictures. Bradley Bowers from BCB Media has worked on previous projects with Mike (operation manager) whilst working at a local recording studio including a Drum Academy video and various other media projects.

BCB Media primarily specialise in the music industry media including band/artist videos, live concerts and gigs and a whole host of other live events.

Whatever your media requirements, BCB Media will fulfil any project with talent, inspiration and professionalism. https://bcbmedia.co.uk/